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Fuchs Renolit MP2

Fuchs Renolit MP2
Brand: Fuchs Lubricants
Pack Size: Unit 12.5KG
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RENOLIT MP GREASES are premium quality lithium base greases, developed specifically for applications encountered in modern industrial environments. Only the highest quality lithium soaps, of the 12 hydroxy stearate type, are used together with carefully selected premium quality base oils of the most suitable viscosity. The resulting greases are extremely shear stable and do not soften even after prolonged working. Providing bearing seals are efficient and in good condition this grease will last for extended periods between re-greasing intervals. However, it is advisable to inspect bearings from time to time to ensure that optimum operating performance is achieved. RENOLIT MP GREASES contain anti-oxidant, anticorrosion, metal de-activator and anti-wear additives.

Pack Size
Unit 12.5KG