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Fuchs Viscor Calibration Fluid 1487 AW-2

Fuchs Viscor Calibration Fluid 1487 AW-2
Brand: Fuchs Lubricants
Pack Size: Unit 20L
Price: £54.20
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VISCOR® 1487 AW-2 provides anti-wear protection required by Bosch, and is approved and used by all major fuel system, engine and test stand manufacturers. VISCOR® calibration fluids are used to calibrate, flow test and flush diesel fuel injection system pumps, injector nozzles and piping in both OEM and recon applications. They are formulated to provide guaranteed viscosity and specific gravity (density) ranges, humidity and galvanic corrosion protection, light colour for leak testing, oxidation stability for long test and sump life, anti-wear (scoring) protection, foam resistance and a high flash point for reduced risk of fire.

Pack Size
Unit 20L