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Coolant Monitoring Equipment

We specialise in the Metalworking industry and offer a comprehensive range of coolant monitoring equipment to improve fluid life etc. If you can't find the product you require, call us on 01302 723111 or fill out an enquiry form.

Coolant Monitoring Equipment
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Challenger MX-25 Incubator
Previously called The Challenger Mains Incubator 6400. The incubator is used to heat up the A1 APX&..
Combi Dip Slides
Combi Dip Slides
Unit : 10 Slides per box
Dip slides are plastic carriers coated with a sterile culture medium which is dipped into the coolan..
Macherey Nagel PH Sticks (scale 7.5-9.5)
PH Strips can be used to indicate the general condition of a fluid, a low PH value indicates increas..
Refractmometer (scale 0-18%)
A simple method of monitoring the strength of an emulsion is with a refractometer. A refractomete..