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Mobilgrease Special

Mobilgrease Special
Brand: Mobil Industrial Lubricants
Pack Size: Unit 18KG
Price: £102.42
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Mobilgrease Special is a premium quality, extreme pressure lithium hydroxystearate grease. It is formulated to provide protection against wear, rust and corrosion, water washout and high temperature oxidation. It also contains molybdenum disulphide (moly) for added wear protection.

Mobilgrease Special is a multi-purpose heavy duty automotive grease designed for use in passenger cars, trucks, farm tractors, contractor, construction, mining and mobile equipment. The recommended operating temperature range is -20?C to 130?C.

Due to the extra antiwear protection provided by the addition of moly,Mobilgrease Special is particularly suitable for heavily loaded bearings under fretting or oscillating or sliding motion.

Pack Size
Unit 18KG