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Q8 Heavibear 68

Q8 Heavibear 68
Brand: Q8Oils
Pack Size: Unit 20L
Price: £47.00
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Q8 HEAVIBEAR is a range of advanced lubricants specifically developed for the lubrication of machine tool slideways. They contain a special oiliness additive which dramatically reduces friction by more than 25% when compared to conventional oils. This oiliness also acts together with an extreme pressure additive in the formulation to give extremely low wear results not equalled in other types of oil. Also included in the formulation is a tackiness agent which aids retention of the oil where it would normally run off, be squeezed out, or flung off. This property is most effective in providing a continuous tough lubricating film for applications such as vertical slides, fast moving gears and reciprocating parts. Q8 HEAVIBEAR eliminates stick slip and judder, prevents pickup and scoring under heavy loads, and maintains a strong oil film even when movement is small, intermittent, or infrequent. Q8 HEAVIBEAR is manufactured from the highest quality solvent refined base stocks and is inhibited to protect against rust, corrosion and foaming.

Pack Size
Unit 20L