Goldman analysts raise oil price forecast for next year

Following surprisingly robust commitment for extending the OPEC-led production cuts, analysts at Goldman Sachs have revised (more…)

OPEC production caps to continue to end of 2018

OPEC, and its oil-producing allies outside of the organisation, met in Vienna to agree to extend the current production caps to (more…)

ExxonMobil begins production at Hebron field

ExxonMobil, the oil giant that also produces industrial lubricants for Mobil UK stockists, has announced that production has begun at its offshore Hebron field.

The field lies some (more…)

Q & A for Mobil distributors in the UK

Industrial lubrication is not always a simple matter, so here are answers to some questions that you may be tempted to ask Mobil distributors in the UK. (more…)

General recruited to head Venezuela’s oil company

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president, has appointed Major General Manuel Quevedo to head the state-owned PDVSA as part of what the president claims will be “a new oil revolution” aimed at combatting the corruption that has (more…)

Report cites economic potential of wind and solar farms

It is no secret that the cost of renewable energy has been tumbling in recent years, but a recent report published by financial firm Lazard Ltd. has reached the conclusion that building new solar and wind generating capacity in (more…)

New technology you may see from Mobil industrial lubricants distributors in future

The lubricants industry is certainly not a static one. As technological advances in industrial machinery create ever greater demands, manufacturers have stepped in with new lubricants that can perform in heavy-duty applications and (more…)

Data shows ExxonMobil and other majors taking backdoor to Permian

The rising costs of accessing the Permian Basin in Texas are leading some oil companies to take a geological backdoor through the (more…)

Facebook to run data centre on wind power

Social media platform Facebook has agreed to buy enough wind power to fully supply the energy needed for its Papillion, Nebraska data (more…)

IEA November report points to weaker than expected demand

The November Oil Market Report from the Paris-based International Energy Agency has been published, with the highlights including weaker forecasted demand growth and an increase in non-OPEC oil production. (more…)

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