How the oil companies behind your Mobil UK distributor are reducing their environmental impact

While advancements in renewable energy are helping to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, oil and gas are not going anywhere soon. We still need petroleum products to fuel aviation and most of the transport on our roads. We also need crude oil to make materials like plastic and medicines, but extracting crude oil is an inherently messy business that has taken its toll on the environment in the past.

Fortunately, practices have improved over (more…)

How can your Mobil stockist help prevent equipment failure?

More and more engineers are recognising the problem of lubrication-related equipment failures, yet many managers still underestimate the importance of adequate lubrication. You can of course take steps to improve your lubrication practices, such as by consulting your Mobil stockist to check you are using the most suitable lubricants for your equipment. You may even be able to consolidate some lubricants to simplify the process. You can also establish good practices like a dedicated lube room with suitable equipment for your highly trained lube technicians.

Despite all this, though, any oil will eventually (more…)

Top tips for slideway oil selection

To maintain machine tool accuracy and productivity, it’s vital to minimise friction in slideways and prevent wear. This can be a (more…)

A short guide to hydraulic oil

A hydraulic oil is basically an incompressible fluid that is used to transmit power within hydraulic systems. It has numerous applications in (more…)

What makes automatic transmission fluid special?

The right automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is essential to the smooth running of an automatic vehicle, but why?

It’s actually one of (more…)

Offshore wind power now cheaper than nuclear

The UK Government has held its reverse auction for energy production subsidies, and offshore wind power has come in cheaper than (more…)

How Mobil stockists can make the most of your lube room

If you’ve recently established a lube room, or if you already have one but suspect it could be improved, here are a (more…)

Create a dedicated lube room with the help of Mobil distributors

Correct lubricant selection is essential to good machine operation, and the use of high-quality oils like (more…)

Oman and its oil heritage

The Sultanate of Oman occupies a strategically important location on the south-eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula by the (more…)

Oil production in Algeria

With an average production of 1,348,361 barrels a day in 2016, Algeria is ranked 18th in the world for oil production. While this is (more…)

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