A look at oil production in Libya

With an average oil production of 384,686 barrels per day in 2016, Libya may not seem like a big oil player, but this (more…)

Norway shows the way for Arctic oil

With the oil industry struggling to recover from a global supply glut, even with substantial production cuts by (more…)

A look at oil production in Nigeria

Nigeria may not be a top-10 oil producer, but it is Africa’s largest at almost two million barrels a day in 2016. While the (more…)

What makes up a lubricant?

The bulk of a lubricant is the base oil, which can be vegetable, mineral, or synthetic in nature.

Vegetable-based lubricants can offer (more…)

What is lubrication and why is it important?

Correct lubrication is one of the most important things you can do for your machinery. It’s about more than simply making two (more…)

A short guide to oil exploration

While early oil production was mostly aimed at paraffin production, the birth of the automobile industry created a (more…)

Two key innovations in oil drilling

The oil industry has come a long way since the Drake Well was drilled in the United States in 1859. In the early days of (more…)

Norway: Europe’s largest oil producer

With an average daily output of 1,763,000 barrels of oil in 2016, Norway is ranked number 13 in the world for oil production. If (more…)

Oil sands: An unconventional oil source

Oil sands are a combination of sand, clay, water and bitumen, which is a sticky, black and highly viscous form of petroleum. Bitumen acts rather like cold molasses at room temperature and is generally too thick to be pumped without diluting or heating it first.

Oil sands can be found in many countries, but they’re most associated with (more…)

Will the world’s oil ever run out?

As fossil fuels, oil and gas are inevitably finite resources, yet we will not be running out of them anytime soon. In 2015, oil major BP predicted that despite booming consumption, global oil reserves would double by 2050. This may be very welcome, because ExxonMobil, which makes slideway lubricant Mobil Vactra 2, predicts in its Outlook for Energy that carbon-based fuels will continue to provide roughly three quarters of the world’s energy needs through to (more…)

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