Millions of UK lampposts could be getting wind turbines

The future may see small wind turbines fitted to lampposts in a strategic partnership between IT company NVT Group and green technology firm Own Energy.

This partnership will lead to (more…)

Dry ice cleaning could be the future of oil and grease removal

A new cleaning technique makes it possible to remove oil, soot, dirt and grease buildup from machinery, industrial equipment and (more…)

Crude oil space mission underway

The European Space Agency has got together with French and Chinese oil giants in order to launch highly pressurized vats of crude oil into orbit.

This piece of experimental space luggage is (more…)

New technique could make oil performance even better

Scientists recently published new research that could transform motor oil performance, reduce wear and tear in vehicles and possibly even save car owners money at (more…)

Mobil Pegasus Ultra launched

Global oil company ExxonMobil, known for manufacturing quality lubricants like Mobil Delvac SGO 75W90, has recently launched its latest gas engine oil – Mobil Pegasus Ultra.

Mobil Pegasus Ultra was promoted for the (more…)

Shell implements PayPal scheme

Oil giant Shell has announced the launch of a scheme called (more…)

Welsh wind farm gets government approval

The plan for a wind farm with 32 turbines in the Clocaenog Forest, on the border of Conwy and Denbighshire, has been given the go-ahead by Energy Minister Ed Davey.

The proposal for the wind power facility caused (more…)

New oil solution could improve fleet fuel efficiency

A prototype that has been described by oil-blending firm Morris Lubricants as a “total lubricant solution” could be set to create major fuel savings for commercial vehicle companies.

The firm’s manager of (more…)

Next generation of additives could reduce American oil consumption

A development team in the US recently created new engine oil additives that protect against wear and increase fuel economy.

The researchers were honoured with a (more…)

Plymouth business invents revolutionary oil well monitoring instrument

A company based in the South West has developed a new instrument that will enable energy firms to monitor their gas and oil wells more accurately and economically.

IDSI UK obtained an (more…)