Planning permission given for East Anglia offshore windfarm

Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark has given the green light for ScottishPower to build the second phase of its windfarm, which (more…)

Deepwater Wind requests Tesla battery

Deepwater Wind has revealed that it has requested a 40 MWh (megawatt hour) battery from Tesla Energy for a proposed 144 MW wind farm off the Massachusetts coast, making it a dispatchable source of electricity.

Should the project become a reality, it will massively overshadow other planned projects to combine wind power with (more…)

New report finds onshore wind could trump Hinkley for efficiency

New analysis by engineering consulting firm Arup has come to the conclusion that onshore windfarms could be built at around the same cost as new gas power stations and roughly half as much as the new (more…)

Scotland’s floating wind farm begins to take shape

The world’s first floating windfarm is beginning to become a reality off the north-east coast of Scotland. One of the giant floating turbines has been put into position, while the remaining four are still awaiting transportation from a (more…)

World’s first floating windfarm takes to the water

The first floating windfarm in the world has been introduced to a Norwegian fjord, from where the new turbines will be (more…)

Wind power may help meet peak demand in winter

A new study has pointed out that wind power can make an important contribution the UK’s energy supply in cold periods when electricity demand is highest.

Wind power is (more…)

First UK wind farm plugged into battery system

Dong Energy’s Burbo Bank wind farm, located just off the coast of Merseyside, is now the world’s first offshore wind farm to be powered by a battery network. (more…)

Scottish wind power sufficient to power 95% of homes in May

Scottish renewables experienced a remarkable month in May with wind power generating enough volume of electricity to power 95% of all homes in Scotland. (more…)

Giant wind turbines go online near Liverpool

Some 32 massive wind turbines have recently been completed in an extension to the Burbo Bank windfarm in the Liverpool Bay, reinforcing the (more…)

Dutch offshore wind farm opens in the North Sea

A giant offshore wind farm has come online in the North Sea some 53 miles off the northern coast of the (more…)

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