Fuchs extends its range as it acquires South African lubricant firms

The well-known German lubricant producer, Fuchs Petrolub SE, recently announced that it is to buy two sister South African lubricant companies, known as Lubrasa and Lubritene.

Lubrasa produces (more…)

Innovative filter elements reduce sparking risk

Recently, the manufacturing company Swift Filter Inc. has revealed a new line of filter elements with anti-static properties.

These can either be used to (more…)

Oil prices fail to rise despite Ukraine tensions

During the first week of May, oil prices decreased in spite of the increasingly difficult situation in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine is crucially important as a (more…)

Tiny nanoparticles could lead to huge improvements in oil performance

Recently, researchers have been looking into the benefits of applying nanotechnology to engine oils.

While this innovative use of nanoparticles is not yet (more…)

New monitoring system could revolutionise oil changes

German engineers in Saarbrücken recently announced that they have devised a sensor system that makes it possible to monitor the oil in industrial equipment without halting operations.

The chemical constituents of the oil are (more…)