New Apex Oil Lab facility unveiled

A US company that provides an independent oil analysis service to customers worldwide has just opened a new laboratory.

Michigan-based Apex Oil Lab stated that (more…)

Shell’s US restructuring aims to provide stable future

The international oil company Royal Dutch Shell recently disclosed that it plans to restructure its business in North America in order to reduce costs.

Shell will sell two of its (more…)

Plymouth business invents revolutionary oil well monitoring instrument

A company based in the South West has developed a new instrument that will enable energy firms to monitor their gas and oil wells more accurately and economically.

IDSI UK obtained an (more…)

Five industries where lubricating oil is used

Lubricating oil is used in numerous business sectors all over the world, with new products continually being developed and introduced by the major oil and lubricant companies.

The use of high-quality lubricants means that (more…)

The importance of oils in metalworking

In metalworking processes, oils are used for a number of purposes, including lubrication, reducing wear, protecting against heat, carrying away chips, and improving the finish of surfaces.

They are also applied during (more…)

Exxon Mobil profits soar although production falls

The biggest gas and oil company in the US, Exxon Mobil, has experienced a large increase in its profits after recently cutting its spending on exploration and capital.

The company has stated that (more…)

How are motor oils made and why do they work?

Motor oils are made from two main components, which are base fluids or basestocks, and additives.

Most of the oil, up to around 85% of the total, consists of (more…)

Oil companies under the lamplight: Fuchs

Fuchs is the biggest independent lubricant manufacturer in the world.

The company is strong in (more…)