Permission granted for wind-power facility at Scottish port

The plans to build a 400-acre wind turbine construction hub at a former oil yard close to Inverness are now a stage nearer to being realised, after the planning application was approved by the Scottish government.

It gave the go-ahead for the transformation of (more…)

New oil solution could improve fleet fuel efficiency

A prototype that has been described by oil-blending firm Morris Lubricants as a “total lubricant solution” could be set to create major fuel savings for commercial vehicle companies.

The firm’s manager of (more…)

How does the food manufacture industry use oils and lubricants?

Presenting unique challenges to the makers of oils and lubricants, such as Q8, Fuchs, and Mobil, the food industry relies on industrial fluids. The manufacture, preparation and processing of many foodstuffs requires machinery and equipment, which are dependent on high-quality lubrication.

The most important consideration (more…)

How to oil a motorcycle chain

Keeping your motorcycle in the best condition possible not only gives you a sense of pride, but helps you stay safe on the road. To help with this, leading brands such as Mobil, Q8, and Shell offer market leading oils and lubricants for the discerning biker.

While having regular (more…)

Three lubricants a metalworker shouldn’t be without

Metalworking can be hard work, so making matters as easy as possible when practical is a sensible step to take. Time can be saved and better final results can be achieved, while always having the right lubricant for the job ensures there is no drop in productivity.

There are host of oils and lubricants available for (more…)

Next generation of additives could reduce American oil consumption

A development team in the US recently created new engine oil additives that protect against wear and increase fuel economy.

The researchers were honoured with a (more…)

How to make the best use of motor oil

Engine oil, naturally enough, is best employed as a lubricant to ensure that your car’s machinery stays in tip-top condition for the longest period of time. Spending millions of pounds to constantly develop (more…)

Five household uses for oil that you may not have thought of

Motor oil is an essential component for most of us, with lubricants from key brands like Shell, Mobil, Fuchs, and Q8 ensuring our cars continue to operate at the optimum level of performance.

However, working out what to (more…)

Mexico opens oil fields to private firms in bid to boost production

Mexico’s government is to end the monopoly of its national oil firm Petróleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, allowing private companies access to the lion’s share of its prospective oil resources.

The Government hopes that (more…)