Participants set heavy driving test at Shell Rimula challenge

Those interested in testing their skills behind the wheels of heavy-duty vehicles were given the chance to do so recently at an event organised by the Shell oil company.

The Shell Rimula Heavyweight Driving Challenge saw those (more…)

New oil with corrosion and wear protection launched by Klϋber

Specialty oil manufacturer Klϋber Lubrication has announced the production of a new synthetic gear grease, offering greater levels of protection against wear, tear and corrosion.

The company states that (more…)

What should you expect from a car valet?

Many people are confused by the term car valet. In North America primarily, though in keeping with the constant U.S. English creep, the term covers a car parking service at hotels, restaurants and other such places. It can also refer to (more…)

Three metalworking tasks where oil can make the difference

Oil is an essential part of all metalworking, from keeping things cool, increasing efficiency, speeding up processes and extending the life of machinery. How it does this depends on the composition of the fluid, how (more…)

Five countries with economies fuelled by oil

A look into the biggest oil producing countries in the world shows that in 2012, the 10 foremost oil-producing countries in the world accounted for 64% of the world’s oil. Essential to the economies of these countries, the (more…)

How to stop a door creaking

A creaking car door can become very annoying very quickly, but there is no need to put up with the noise. Easy to fix with lubricants that are readily close to hand, you can use motor oil from most manufacturers, such as (more…)

What are the oils of choice for Formula One racers?

Arguably the most glamorous sport in the world, Formula One (F1) is all about advanced engineering. This is true at every level, from the aerodynamic design of the car, the performance of the engine, the construction of (more…)

Two-stroke and four-stroke – what’s the difference?

To best understand the difference between a two-stroke engine and a four-stroke engine, it is first best to understand what a ‘stroke’ is. In essence, it is the cycle of a reciprocating engine, which operates through a basic forward and (more…)

Welsh wind farm gets government approval

The plan for a wind farm with 32 turbines in the Clocaenog Forest, on the border of Conwy and Denbighshire, has been given the go-ahead by Energy Minister Ed Davey.

The proposal for the wind power facility caused (more…)

New oil derived from natural gas showcased by Shell

A lubricant manufacturer chose the exciting environment of Formula One to debut its latest product: a new solution derived from natural gas rather than crude oil.

The high-performance lubricant, called (more…)