Shell announces new educational scheme

The giant energy firm Shell has announced the launch of a new £1m programme of investment, designed to tackle the shortfall in engineering, technology, maths and science skills among Scottish schoolchildren.

The programme is called (more…)

Wind turbine plant will create jobs

A plant manufacturing the parts for offshore wind turbines is set to open on the Isle of Wight next year, with the Vestas wind energy firm having announced plans for the area.

The Danish company has become an industry leader in (more…)

Engine motor oils: synthetic vs. mineral

One of the major discussion points over engine oil is the difference between synthetic and mineral.

Naturally, using oils from major manufacturers such as (more…)

Explaining the oil circuit in a motorcar

It would be fair to say that most drivers today do not really understand how their car works. Most can grasp the concept of a combustion engine and the difference between these, fuelled by petrol, and how a diesel engine operates.

However, the least understood part of any car is the oil (more…)

How frequently should I check my motor engine oil?

A question that often crops up from motorists concerns the frequency with which they should check their motor engine oil – and it is not an easy question to answer. Naturally, consulting the manufacturer guidelines will help to a certain degree, but this advice is very much set against industry standards and (more…)

Increasing fuel economy driving thinner motor oils

As drivers look to improve the cost of driving, they are increasingly looking for cars that offer greater fuel economy and better efficiency. Key to ensuring these new, cleaner and better performing engines operate to the optimum level, however, are motor oils. The trend is demanding ever (more…)

Shell and BMW announce aftermarket partnership

Shell Lubricants and BMW AG have announced a partnership which will see the global engine motor oil and lubricant giant supply all aftermarket engine oils to an array of BMW brands. As well as being used for standard BMW and MINI models of car, the flagship BMW I and M class will (more…)

Choosing the right oil matters

Whether you’re looking for the best oil for your car or bike, it is essential to make the right choice. From leading lights in the industry such as Mobil, Fuchs and Shell, there are oils to suit every need. Making the right choice, however, can improve smoothness, performance, reliability and (more…)

Production improvements see profits rise for Shell

Despite the recent overall drop in oil prices, Shell enjoyed a significant increase in profits during the third quarter.

A combination of reduced exploration (more…)

Lubricant gets seal of approval from Boeing

One of the oils produced by the Fuchs Lubricants Company has received further accreditation from a multinational aircraft manufacturer.

The cutting fluid (more…)