Heavy-duty lubricant launched by Petro-Canada

Oil manufacturer Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc. has announced the release of a new heavy duty, synthetic engine oil for diesel truck engines.

The company states that it (more…)

Shell set to team up with ST1

Major oil manufacturer Shell has announced that it has agreed to sell sections of its downstream operations in Norway to Finnish company ST1, while also confirming a team-up with the energy business.

ST1 is set to assume control of (more…)

New record for power production set by UK wind farms

Figures released by the National Grid showed that British wind farms powered approximately 43% of the nation’s homes recently.

The statistics, which were for Sunday the 7th of December, set a (more…)

Car driving style can force oil filter change

The recent news of a driver needing a full oil change and replacement filter installed after minimal use of his new vehicle may have surprised many.

The owner of the Vauxhall Cascada, which is recommended to (more…)

How Shell plans to target Mexico’s oil and gas potential

Following on from the recent news that Royal Dutch Shell, one of the premier makers of lubricants in the world, is planning to focus a lot of its efforts in Mexican territorial waters, one of its executives has helped to outline the plans.

Telling the world that he is (more…)

How to store synthetic motor oils for extended periods

With synthetic engine lubricants playing such an important role in the performance and maintenance of car engines, understanding how it should be properly stored is essential. (more…)

BMW makes Shell its preferred choice

Shell Lubricants has secured another coup with the news that it will be replacing Castrol as the preferred oil supplier for BMW and all of the brands that come under its wing.

The news brings a long-term partnership with Castrol to an end, and it is (more…)

Common engine oil myths: dark oil

The major reason that engine oil is so important is that it makes a car’s motor run as smoothly as possible, optimising performance.

However, it does other things too of course, such as (more…)

The best metalworking lubricants

As well as providing market leading engine oils for cars, the likes of Mobil, Fuchs, and Q8 produce lubricants that are tailor made for metalworking.

Formulated to provide the best performance and (more…)

Everything you need to know about changing your car oil

One of the most important elements of maintaining your vehicle is to change the oil on a regular basis.

Using the best lubricants possible, from the (more…)

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