Wind power development planned for Lancashire

A landowner based in Stacksteads has submitted a planning application for the building of two wind turbines, which would be located on his farm in the Lancashire village.

If permission should be granted, the finished turbines will be taller than (more…)

Shell awards contract extensions to Subsea 7

Shell Upstream International Europe has announced that it has awarded contract extensions worth approximately $240m to Aberdeen-based engineering firm Subsea 7.

The twin contract extensions, which are on a life of field basis, cover the company’s (more…)

What goes in to producing quality lubricants?

We all know that oils are a vital component when it comes to making sure that machines and motors work properly. However, while we all appreciate the efforts of the likes of Shell and Fuchs, there may be a few basics that people still do not understand.

Here are a few facts about lubricants that everyone should know, whether the (more…)

What factors can affect oil consumption?

Oil consumption can be a subject that not many drivers know that much about, as, generally speaking, the only time that a motorist finds an issue with their lubricant level is once it is already too low. This can cause a problem when trying to start the vehicle.

There are many different factors that can affect the oil consumption of a car, with (more…)

Four reasons to change machine oil regularly

Modern lubricants from the likes of Mobil, Q8 and Shell can ensure the best performance for your business’ machinery. They also enhance the motors and mechanisms, increasing their performance and helping them to last.

However, there are also a number of other benefits to be had from (more…)

New marine lubricant launched by Exxon Mobil

Top oil manufacturer Exxon Mobil has announced the launch of a new specialist marine lubricant, which is designed to be used in Emission Control Areas (ECA).

Premium AFME 200 joins another lubricant manufactured by the company, Premium HDME 50, within a new (more…)

Five quick facts about your engine oil

There is a great deal of confusion about when to change your engine oil. Most car manufacturers will put advice and recommendations in their car manuals. However, the frequency of when to change these lubricants depends on many factors, no matter whether you are using Shell, Q8 or Mobil products.

Everybody has a different driving style, for example, which significantly (more…)

Manufacturer guides to engine oil

Using the right lubricant for your vehicle’s engine is essential to optimise the performance and lifespan of your car. The best way to ensure that the best oil is used is to follow the recommendations from the motor’s manufacturer.

Many car firms also work together with major oil manufacturers such as (more…)

Four key facts about engine oil

A lot of work goes into producing motor engine oil for your car, with major companies such as Fuchs, Shell and Mobil investing millions of pounds into research and development each year. Meanwhile, many vehicle manufacturers have their own compounds developed too.

Here are four key facts about the oil that is (more…)

Shoreham Port to get wind turbines

A number of wind turbines are set to be placed near Brighton and Hove, marking part of a wider strategy towards sustainable energy being implemented in the region.

Councillors for Adur District were full of praise for the approach being taken by the (more…)