Wind turbine deal agreed by Scottish Power

Scottish Power’s renewables arm has announced that an agreement has been reached with Spanish company Gamesa for the purchase of roughly 100 wind turbines.

These turbines are set to be used at a planned 239-megawatt wind power facility, which is (more…)

Princeton announces ExxonMobil support

ExxonMobil recently confirmed that it has agreed to a five-year partnership with Princeton University, which will see the oil giant donate millions to the US institution over that period.

The team-up was first announced by Princeton through a statement, which (more…)

Premium cutting fluids for the metalworking sector

Cutting fluids are of significance for firms that engage in metalwork, and a wide variety of products is available. However, some manufacturers, such as Fuchs, have made an impressive effort to make products of only the (more…)

Gear oils under the spotlight

The importance of gear oils cannot be denied. If the oil is of a high quality then it can last for a long time,and this can mean that equipment keeps working without awkward breaks. However, there are different types of gear oil and (more…)

Hydraulic fluid: simplifying the selection process

Choosing hydraulic fluid can appear somewhat daunting to inexperienced individuals. Nonetheless, it should not be too complex a process and breaking it down into distinct stages can be useful.

When the correct hydraulic fluid is (more…)

Five tips for maintaining machinery efficiently

When not maintained to a high standard, machinery will not deliver the goods for a firm or its consumers. For this reason, a team must follow specific procedures if a plant is going to keep functioning smoothly. Only if (more…)

Five points about the proper use of engine oil

Novices should not be afraid of engine oil, but they should try to learn as much about it as possible. It’s vital to explore the details of this product, whether or not it is manufactured by a big corporation such as Shell. This advice holds (more…)

Food grade lubricants: quality counts

Lubricant manufacturers, such as Fuchs, understand that quality matters. It is especially important when food may be affected by the product. This is because the safety of consumers is paramount. Further, any lubricant of food grade should not (more…)

Oil prices may spike due to lack of discoveries

A top executive at BHP Billiton has warned that oil prices might go up because the industry has not yet invested enough in new sources of supply.

Tim Cutt has argued that as the American shale boom will reach a peak in (more…)