UK operations restructured by Q8 after major investment

Q8Oils has confirmed that its lubricants manufacturing operations in the UK and Europe will undergo restructuring, after it secured an investment of (more…)

Scottish Government approves new wind farm

The Scottish Government has given the go-ahead for a new wind farm that will produce 64.6 MW of power to (more…)

Record turnover for British automotive sector

The automotive industry in the UK enjoyed a record high turnover of (more…)

The workers behind oil production

The extraction of oil from beneath the ground is a process that has been practised, honed and improved over more than 150 years of exploration and production.

It is not known for certain when the (more…)

Understanding mineral gear oils

Gear oils are what help drive the world, and most of us will be familiar with the two different types: synthetic or mineral. Focusing on mineral gear oils enables us to gain (more…)

Greases suitable for extreme temperatures

As anyone working within industry would know, greases perform variously at different temperatures. Some types of grease can operate (more…)

Shell purchase of BG Group moves step closer

The £47bn strategy Shell has embarked on with the aim of becoming the biggest oil manufacturer in the world has taken a step nearer to fruition, as its plans to purchase BG Group are submitted to competition regulators in Brazil.

This would represent the second largest such deal ever within (more…)

Four points about the viscosity of oil

The selection of a lubricant is only straightforward when a consumer has acquired some basic knowledge about the topic. Of course, there are some trustworthy suppliers like (more…)

Looking after the wellbeing of metalworkers

Health and safety is a critical concern for firms engaged in metalworking. It is, however, important to recognise that a lot of progress has been made in this area. For example, asthma and dermatitis are not nearly as prevalent among metalworkers as (more…)

Oil prices and their economic impact

While different countries have their own distinctive relationship with oil, one thing is apparent: few nations are unaffected by significant changes in the price of this commodity.

This is certainly the case in the UK, which contains oil companies, lubricant-based industries, and (more…)

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