Work starts on wind farm at Den Brook

Construction work is now underway on a new wind farm located at Devon’s Den Brook valley, with the company behind the (more…)

Fuchs seeking further expansion deals

Fuchs Petrolub, part of the German lubricants company Fuchs, has confirmed that it is currently seeking (more…)

Shell grease to undergo name change

Shell Aviation has confirmed that it will be (more…)

Shell to sell Tongyi stake

Prominent oil company Royal Dutch Shell has made a deal to (more…)

What you should look for in a compressor oil

Compressor oil is used to lubricate machines known as compressors. These are pieces of equipment that (more…)

How to dispose of cutting oils

Cutting oils are essential to the metalworking process. They are used to (more…)

Points on picking the right industrial gear oil

Choosing the correct industrial gear oil to use in a (more…)

What are metalworking fluids?

As you will probably know, the techniques used in metalworking often create a great deal of (more…)

What are the differences between food grade lubes?

Food grade lubricants are oils which are safe to be used in (more…)

When it’s worth buying synthetic motor oil for your car

If you have a car, you will no doubt want to do everything you can to (more…)

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