How can you improve the cleanliness of your oil?

When using industrial lubricants of any kind, be it Mobil Glygoyle 30 or Q8 Haydn 46, it is important that you keep your oil as clean as possible, as the (more…)

Oil predicted to remain under $40 per barrel for 2016

According to The World Bank, oil prices are expected to stay under $40 (£27.85) per barrel throughout this year.

Speaking on Tuesday, The World Bank cut its (more…)

“Not impossible” for oil to fall as low as $10 per barrel, says BP chief

The boss of British oil company British Petroleum (BP) has made waves by commenting that the price of oil could fall as (more…)

First U.S. tanker reaches European shores

The first American oil tanker to navigate from the United States, following the lifting of restrictions on the (more…)

Saudi Oil Minister optimistic of rise in crude oil prices

Ali Al-Naimi, the Saudi Oil Minister, has stated his belief that crude oil prices will rise. He also foresees that in time, there will be renewed stability in the oil market, due to market forces and increased cooperation among (more…)

Premier Oil sets sights on Eon’s North Sea assets

Premier Oil is currently in advanced talks with a view to acquiring German energy company (more…)

Now is the time to switch to food grade lubricants

In the past, food grade lubricants have not been the first port of call for most people, simply because they were unable to deliver the same level of performance as other oils such as (more…)

Shell-BG merger hits a snag

Royal Dutch Shell, the maker of Shell Tellus S2 M 32, has been dealt a blow in its plan to acquire BG Group.

On Friday, January 8, one of the (more…)

The lubrication myths that are costing you cash

When it comes to lubrication, there are so many myths and untruths surrounding certain practices that you can so easily find yourself doing the wrong thing and costing your company money, despite your (more…)

Fixing common lubricant problems

The importance of a good lubricant, which is correct for your machinery and which is properly maintained, cannot be understated. Being able to fix any issues that do arise pertaining to your lubricant of choice is also (more…)

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