Shell Lubricants appoints senior marketing staff

Shell Lubricants, which produces a range of products including Shell Omala S2 G 320, has recently made a slew of new staff appointments.

The oil giant has named Carol Chen as (more…)

Saudi Arabia may halt output

Saudi Arabia is willing to sign up to an oil output freeze in April, even if Iran does not take part, according to a senior delegate from The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries – a move that could potentially remove (more…)

Shell brings back classic motor oil

The popular Shell X-100 Classic Motor Oil will once again be available in North America thanks to an exclusive agreement between Into Great Brands/MotorKote and Heritage Fuels and Lubricants.

The classic motor oil, which is (more…)

Year high achieved by midweek oil prices

Oil prices hit a new stock high for 2016, but analysts still do not think the proposed freeze at January prices will be enough to ease the glut in supply.

At the beginning of the day on (more…)

Oil prices fall as supply picture is uncertain

Oil prices dropped for the second consecutive day yesterday (March 15), as concerns surfaced that a six-week rally could (more…)

Oil prices back on the rise

After an extended period of falling oil prices, which saw oil fall to almost $20 (£14.04) per barrel back in February, sentiment in the oil markets appears to have flipped, bringing hope that oil prices may have bottomed out (more…)

ExxonMobil to begin overseas export of American crude oil

Global oil corporation ExxonMobil, which is known for products like Mobil 1 New Life 0W/40, can now claim to be the first significant U.S. oil corporation to ship U.S. crude oil overseas.

This move sees them join a (more…)

Shell Lubricants unveils new bike oil in India

Royal Dutch Shell has recently launched a new synthetic bike oil, which has been specially formulated to perform well in high-capacity bikes.

The company, which is already known for (more…)

Railcars now being used to store oil in U.S.

Due to the current glut in U.S. oil supply, traders have begun to experiment with new means of storing their surplus crude: empty railcars.

Empty railcars have proved to be the storage method of choice primarily because (more…)