Oil rises back up after Brexit fallout

Oil prices were up almost 3% yesterday, bringing back hope to the market, following previous concerns after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

The market was buoyed by a (more…)

Saudi’s new oil minister indicates end to oil glut

Saudi Arabia’s latest oil minister Khalid al Falih has indicated that the worst of the oil glut in oil supply could soon come to an end.

He also signaled (more…)

Shell fuel could help customers tackle UK air quality

A recent European specification has been approved for cleaner burning fuels to be used in diesel engines, including Shell GTL, one of the oil giant’s best products, along with Shell Tonna S3 M 68. This could assist in improving the (more…)

Brexit and US data put oil under pressure

Oil prices fell for the sixth session in a row on June 16, affected by market worries about the coming E.U referendum happening in the UK, and mixed oil data from the United States.

Crude oil prices had been on a (more…)

Shell to build Pennsylvania petrochemical complex

Royal Dutch Shell, which makes Shell Tellus S2 M 32 and Shell Omala S2 G 320, has recently revealed its intention to construct a brand new petrochemical site close to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The oil giant has announced that (more…)

Low oil prices cause coal consumption to fall

The consumption of coal fell by a record breaking amount globally in 2015, thanks to a decrease in demand from China and an (more…)

3 tips for extending the life of your pump bearings

One of the biggest causes of machinery failure, just behind failed seals and worn packings, is bearing failure. Bearings are not cheap and they are much more involved in the operation of machinery than most people realise, which is why it is so important that they are well looked after.

Shockingly, over two thirds of pump bearing failures are caused by (more…)

5 tips for handling industrial lubricants safely

It is all too easy to prevent workplace accidents and safety issues by simply putting into practice basic measures. By ensuring that all staff have basic safety training, that there is no reason why anyone should be injured when working with lubricants, like those from Shell and Mobil, in an industrial setting. Below, you will find a few basic tips for remaining safe when handling petroleum-based products: (more…)

Dry ice cleaning could be the future of oil and grease removal

A new cleaning technique makes it possible to remove oil, soot, dirt and grease buildup from machinery, industrial equipment and (more…)

What are the tell-tale signs of lubricant starvation?

Lubricant starvation is a very serious problem when it comes to expensive machinery. If there is not enough lubricant present in a piece of equipment, things can go downhill quickly and machinery can easily wear or break. That is why it is so important that you are able to recognize the tell-tale signs of lubrication as soon as they begin to occur. (more…)

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