Royal Dutch Shell set for major assets sale

Royal Dutch Shell, the oil giant known for products like Shell Omala S2 G 320 and Shell Gadus S2 V100 3, is set to sell $1bn of Western Canadian assets in a bid to raise money and streamline its operations.

The company has confirmed that it (more…)

Making environmental lubricant choices

Hydroelectric power stations may provide more environmentally friendly sources of energy than traditional power stations. However, that does not mean that we should not be concerned with (more…)

OPEC quarrel leads to dip in oil

The price of oil dipped on Tuesday, October 25 as disagreements emerges within the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) about who should cut which amount of production in a planned output reduction to (more…)

Oil producers expectant that price slump is over

A number of the planet’s biggest oil executives recently met up in a London Mayfair hotel for an industry summit. During this summit, Brent crude was fetching £52 per barrel, which is the exact same amount it was (more…)

Oil companies experiment with cost-saving technologies

Oil giants including Chevron, Statoil and Royal Dutch Shell, the latter of which manufactures Shell Tellus S2 M 46, are experimenting with several technologies, including drill design and drones, in a bid to (more…)

Investors regain interest in US oil

Investors are renewing their interest in US oil and gas properties that are deemed to come with more risk, as the rebound in crude oil prices boosts hopes that the oil industry faces a more positive future in (more…)

Iraqi oil minister wants to up output in 2017

In a statement released on Sunday, October 9, the Iraqi oil minister encouraged oil and natural gas producers with operations in the country to (more…)

Tips for machine inspection preparation

Inspection should be of the utmost importance to anyone who runs industrial machinery for any reason. It is the foundation of several important things, including machine reliability and condition monitoring, which is why we should all schedule regular inspections of our equipment.

Also important is having your machines be ‘inspection ready’ the majority of the time, but certainly before an inspector comes along to pass judgement. Here are our tips for ensuring your equipment does not leave anything to be desired next inspection day: (more…)

Three important hydraulic reliability checks you need

Although it is fair to say that preventative maintenance and reliability procedures play an important part in keeping hydraulic systems in tip-top shape, alone they are not enough to ensure that you will be free of problems. There are a number of additional reliability checks that should be performed while (more…)

Libya increases oil exports

Just over a week after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) came to an agreement in regards to reducing global oil supplies, Libya has (more…)

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