Dubai government to take on illegal trade in diesel and lubricants

The state-controlled Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), together with key government agencies, has recently completed a second round of inspections aimed at tackling the trade in illegal diesel while also (more…)

Shell becomes first lubricant supplier to gain IMPA ACT Accreditation

Shell Marine has been awarded accreditation through the International Marine Purchasing Association’s IMPA ACT Sustainable Maritime Suppliers scheme, which is (more…)

Scientists develop special oil sponge

Researchers at the University of Chicago’s Argonne National Laboratory have found a revolutionary new way to clean up after oil spills: the Oleo Sponge.

The amount of oil that can (more…)

Aberdeenshire offshore wind farm gets green light

The Scottish government has approved the construction of eight offshore wind turbines about nine miles southeast of Aberdeen.

The new wind farm is (more…)

The world’s top oil-producing countries: Russia

Russia’s oil industry may have experienced a steep decline after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but a subsequent turnaround in 1999 led to it replacing Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading oil producer, albeit only marginally. In (more…)

The world’s top oil-producing countries: Saudi Arabia

Thanks in no small part to its oil industry, Saudi Arabia has the largest economy of any Arab country. Its 268 billion barrels of proven oil reserves were the largest in the world until Venezuela updated its proven reserves in (more…)

Energy companies plan artificial island in the North Sea

A collection of European energy companies from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany have proposed building a huge artificial island on a sandbank in a shallow part of the North Sea some 62 miles east of the (more…)

The world’s top oil-producing countries: USA

The United States may be the world’s largest consumer of oil, but it’s also the world’s third biggest producer at almost nine million barrels a day, a figure surpassed only by Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The indigenous peoples of (more…)

The world’s top oil-producing countries: Iraq

Iraq may be best known for its turbulent past over recent decades, but it has a huge amount of mineral wealth beneath its surface.

The Middle Eastern country is (more…)

The world’s top oil-producing countries: China

With an output of 3,938,000 barrels per day in 2016, China is the world’s fifth biggest oil producer.

Despite its significant production, rising demand led to (more…)

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