Rosneft hits oil in Eastern Arctic

The Russia oil company Rosneft, which is majority owned by the Russian Government, has reported finding crude oil in the Laptev Sea of the Eastern Arctic.

Rosneft holds (more…)

Wind power may help meet peak demand in winter

A new study has pointed out that wind power can make an important contribution the UK’s energy supply in cold periods when electricity demand is highest.

Wind power is (more…)

OPEC sees increased production in May despite deal extension

Oil production from OPEC members jumped by 336,100 bpd (barrels per day) in May despite a recent agreement to extend the existing cuts into 2018. (more…)

First UK wind farm plugged into battery system

Dong Energy’s Burbo Bank wind farm, located just off the coast of Merseyside, is now the world’s first offshore wind farm to be powered by a battery network. (more…)

Scottish wind power sufficient to power 95% of homes in May

Scottish renewables experienced a remarkable month in May with wind power generating enough volume of electricity to power 95% of all homes in Scotland. (more…)

A look at oil production in Nigeria

Nigeria may not be a top-10 oil producer, but it is Africa’s largest at almost two million barrels a day in 2016. While the (more…)

Nigeria and Libya will not face production caps yet

The Secretary General of OPEC has stated it is too early to decide as and when any production cuts should apply to Libya and Nigeria. Both these countries have (more…)

What makes up a lubricant?

The bulk of a lubricant is the base oil, which can be vegetable, mineral, or synthetic in nature.

Vegetable-based lubricants can offer (more…)

Tight oil may take US oil production to record high this year

The resurgence of rigs extracting tight oil, also commonly called shale oil, has the potential to propel US oil production to a new all-time high by the end of this year (more…)

What is lubrication and why is it important?

Correct lubrication is one of the most important things you can do for your machinery. It’s about more than simply making two (more…)

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