Shale billionaire points to overly optimistic US production growth

Speaking to Bloomberg, American entrepreneur and shale oil pioneer Harold Hamm has said that overly optimistic forecasts for US oil (more…)

What makes automatic transmission fluid special?

The right automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is essential to the smooth running of an automatic vehicle, but why?

It’s actually one of (more…)

New study claims North Sea oil production is entering its final decade

Academic research from Edinburgh University has concluded that the UK’s oil industry is now entering its last decade of production. Of the (more…)

IEA says oil demand increasing as production cuts bite

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has confidently expressed that it believes the global demand for oil is growing as the OPEC-led production cuts hold up.

Figures for August showed that (more…)

Russian government and ExxonMobil settle long-running tax dispute

The Russian Finance Ministry has announced that it has reached an agreement with ExxonMobil over a $600m tax dispute from 2015. At the time, Rex Tillerson was still CEO before leaving to join the Trump administration as (more…)

Offshore wind power now cheaper than nuclear

The UK Government has held its reverse auction for energy production subsidies, and offshore wind power has come in cheaper than (more…)

Hurricanes hit US oil output and demand

US oil output fell from 9.5 million bpd (barrels per day) to 8.8 million bpd as Hurricane Harvey hit the gulf coast last month, according to (more…)

Report forecasts global food grade lubricants market for next five years

A new report entitled ‘Global Food Grade Lubricants Market’ has been released.

The study delves into (more…)

Purdue researchers announce new solid lubricant

Researchers working at Purdue University at West Lafayette, Indiana in the USA have developed a new dry lubricant that promises to (more…)

Logistics company releases new lubrication video

A video has been released to celebrate the innovative SEA-Mate® Blending-on-Board (BOB) lubrication system created (more…)

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