New study finds incorrect lubrication cost manufacturers $250,000

A new study by Shell Lubricants estimates that 70% of unplanned downtime over the last three years was caused by wrong lubricant choice or insufficient (more…)

ExxonMobil set to launch energy-saving guide for injection moulding

ExxonMobil has developed a new guide that it claims will assist plastics companies in optimising their injection-moulding processes and saving energy. (more…)

IEA says oil market on track to rebalance

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a new report stating that oil markets are set to rebalance as global inventories decline, but they describe the pace as “stubborn” and warn that producers need to maintain their (more…)

Middle Eastern nations strengthen resolve to enforce production cuts

Iraq and Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s two largest oil producers, have signalled a renewed effort to enforce production cuts after their respective ministers met in Jeddah.

OPEC output in July rose (more…)

Planning permission given for East Anglia offshore windfarm

Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark has given the green light for ScottishPower to build the second phase of its windfarm, which (more…)

Barclays predicts oil price drop

Financial giant Barclays expects the oil market to experience a “downward correction” this quarter, according to a (more…)

Oman and its oil heritage

The Sultanate of Oman occupies a strategically important location on the south-eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula by the (more…)

Oil production in Algeria

With an average production of 1,348,361 barrels a day in 2016, Algeria is ranked 18th in the world for oil production. While this is (more…)

Deepwater Wind requests Tesla battery

Deepwater Wind has revealed that it has requested a 40 MWh (megawatt hour) battery from Tesla Energy for a proposed 144 MW wind farm off the Massachusetts coast, making it a dispatchable source of electricity.

Should the project become a reality, it will massively overshadow other planned projects to combine wind power with (more…)

Why top treating isn’t always a good idea for wind turbines

Top treating is the practice of adding new additives to existing oil. Once condition monitoring detects a depletion of (more…)

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