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All you need to know about Morris Lubricants

For over 150 years and five generations, Morris Lubricants has earned an impressive reputation designing, manufacturing and supplying premium products to stockists, distributors and end-users here in the United Kingdom. However, with an understanding of the world’s need for high-quality and dependable lubrication products, Morris expanded its operation to serve the international market.

How many countries does Morris Lubricants currently serve?

For more than 25 years, the lubrication specialist has been providing continuing support to leading international distributors, allowing them to export its range of high-quality lubricants to over 90 different countries across the globe. By employing its highly experienced team and expertly organised system, Morris is able to ensure safe shipment of its products to clients overseas. It delivers an expansive programme of continuing support to global distributors seeking to develop sales within the lubrication market. This includes communications, marketing, technical guidance and expert advice on inspection procedures that are country specific.

Where are Morris Lubricants distributors based?

In order to ensure its customers could acquire product access, it was vital that Morris Lubricants partnered up with leading distributors. Selecting acclaimed operations with an unimpeachable record for excellence in terms of service and expertise, Morris Lubricants has formed strong connection that allow it to expand its reach around the world.

Its European customers are served via a leading distribution company in Norway, but it also has distributors based in India, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand to serve these nations and their surrounding areas. Morris offers considerable support to these distributors, helping them make the most of the high-quality lubrication products offered, enhancing sales and empowering them to aid their customers with detailed information whenever required.

While Morris has core distribution companies across the continents, it has a wealth of dealers offering its products across the globe in an extensive number of destinations, from Italy to Iceland.

Earning an international reputation

Today, Morris Lubricants is counted as one of the largest premium-quality lubricant manufacturers in Europe still privately owned. Its motto “to do the common thing uncommonly well brings success” has served it exceptionally well and can be seen in all areas of its operation.

Since its founding back in 1869, the lubricant maker has constantly honed its products and services and has taken particular care in selecting experienced enterprises to partner with. This has allowed it to form a dependable supply chain that guarantees customer service that is second to none and has earned it an international reputation for excellence in its field.

Able to serve a wealth of sectors and applications through its robust distribution web, it is able to keep building on the quality of its service, reaching an increasing number of customers in need of its expertly engineered lubrication products.

With an approach designed to make business processes smoother, Morris Lubricants has stated that its continuing commitment to innovation, serving its customers and remaining flexible by staying family-run are the cornerstones of its success on both the national and international market.

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