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Are you aware of your oils?

Following the news that drivers in Northern Ireland have been found to be the most aware of what type of engine oil the manufacturer of their car recommends, would you be able to say the same?

According to recent research by Mobil 1, which celebrated its 40th year in 2014, more than half of the motorists in the country have no idea which grade or viscosity of oil they should be using for their vehicle.

It suggests that understanding a few basic tips could help thousands improve their car’s performance on the road.

What are the dangers?

The lack of knowledge suggests that drivers throughout the UK could be risking significant damage to the engines of their cars. This includes exposing the motor to failure, increasing running costs and fuel use, reducing performance, and decreasing the lifespan of the vehicle.

Fifty-three percent of drivers in Northern Ireland did not know what oil to use, as did 56% of drivers in Wales and 60% in South East England.

Showing the biggest lack of knowledge were drivers in the north east of England, where just 25% knew what engine oil was best to use in their cars.

On average, 66% of motorists throughout the UK had no idea what type of engine lubricant they should be using. However, understanding what the right oil to use is will not only protect motors against damage and reliability issues, as keeping lubricants at their optimum level and condition can increase the performance of machinery.

Along with improving general driving habits, speed control and smooth gear changes, this can significantly drive down the cost of motoring.

What can you do?

Luckily, there are steps that you can take to keep engines ticking over without any issues, with Mobil 1 providing three tips for keeping your lubricant at its peak.

The first was to check your oil weekly, which is something that most manufacturers already advise. Secondly, be sure to check levels on a flat surface to ensure evenness. Thirdly, do not rely on the car’s dash panel warning light to discover any issues, as it can sometimes come on a little too late.

The nationwide online survey, which was conducted by GFL Automotive Research on behalf of Mobil 1, split the UK into twelve regions to report its findings. The study polled 1,103 motorists across Britain that were aged 18 or over, as part of the 2013 EAME Stay ahead campaign, which was sponsored by the oil giant.

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