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Aviation fuel tanker converted for oil delivery

Many companies are looking for ways to make their operations more sustainable and efficient. Allied Petroleum, a fuel and lubricant distributor based in New Zealand, has started beefing up its bulk deliveries of oil to do just this.

For some time already, the company has specialised in bulk fuel deliveries to businesses such as transport operators, farmers, civil and rural contractors, and quarries, as well as to its own network of over 80 truck stops and petrol stations. It has even been offering bulk oil deliveries as well, but the demand has been growing recently. According to the company’s website, an example of this can be seen with the OceanaGold gold-mining corporation, which recently switched its Macraes Mine from using intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to having Mobil oil delivered directly to its own storage tanks. To cope with the additional demand for bulk oil deliveries, the company decided to convert an aviation fuel tanker for the job.

Supplying oil like this eliminates the need for containers like drums and IBCs, so buyers no longer need to worry about how to dispose of them, never mind the leftover oil residue. According to Allied Petroleum, delivering oil directly to a site’s own storage tank also reduces the opportunities for spills and oil contamination.

The tanker will be based in Christchurch and supply companies throughout the south island of New Zealand with products like the Mobil 1 passenger car oil, Mobil SHC gear oil, and Mobil Delvac heavy-duty commercial vehicle oil.

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