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BMW makes Shell its preferred choice

Shell Lubricants has secured another coup with the news that it will be replacing Castrol as the preferred oil supplier for BMW and all of the brands that come under its wing.

The news brings a long-term partnership with Castrol to an end, and it is believed that the innovative PurePlus Technology developed by Shell helped to convince BMW to make the switch.

This breakthrough technology represents a major development in the formulation of engine oils, involving a gas-to-liquid technique that has been patented by Shell and is the culmination of a 40-year research period.

The result is clear base oil converted from natural gas, ensuring that crude is not required in the manufacturing process.

Shell’s executive vice president, Mark Gainsborough, said:

“We are honoured to become the BMW Group’s recommended supplier of aftermarket engine oil. We look forward to jointly supplying, distributing and marketing these oils, as of start 2015.”

He then added:

“This is recognition of the benefits of Shell’s engine oil expertise and cutting-edge technology by one of the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. This includes an acknowledgment of the value of our most recent innovation: Shell PurePlus Technology for premium engine oils.”

Shell has long been one of the world’s leading lubricants manufacturers, thanks to quality oils like Shell Omala S2 G 320 and Shell Tonna S3 M 68, and this partnership with BMW will maintain that status.

It will see the PurePlus oils used in all of the marque’s brands, as well as Motorrad and Mini that come under its umbrella.

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