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BP begins North Sea Kinnoull field production

Oil giant BP has confirmed that it has begun production at a new site in the North Sea, marking the seventh new upstream project launched by the company during the past year.

The reservoir at Kinnoull field is all part of a much wider revitalisation of this area and is linked to the Andrew platform owned by BP, located 230 kilometres from Aberdeen. The expectation is that oil production in this area can be continued for another decade.

BP has installed a subsea system to enable it to gain access to the reservoir, alongside a module for topside processing at the platform, which weighs 700 tonnes. Production is moved to this platform from Kinnoull field by means of a subsea pipeline 28 kilometres in length, the longest of its kind on the planet. It will then be processed and exported.

This latest project seems set to keep BP at the forefront of oil production, where its major rivals are companies like ExxonMobil and Shell. With these firms manufacturing quality lubricants such as Mobil ATF LT 71141 and Shell Omala S2 G 320, BP cannot afford to rest on its laurels, and its North Sea regional president, Trevor Garlick, said:

“50 years after BP was awarded its first licenses in the North Sea, the successful start-up of Kinnoull demonstrates our continued commitment to maximising recovery from the basin.”

It is anticipated that oil production from Kinnoull field and the Andrew platform will reach more than 50,000 barrels worth per day, which should greatly assist BP in improving its cash flow situation.

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