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BP commissions site investigations for first offshore windfarms

Together with partner EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, energy giant BP has contracted Fugro to conduct a geotechnical site investigation for its Mona and Morgan offshore windfarms in the Irish Sea.
While BP already supplies the wind sector with gear oil and grease under the Castrol brand, the planned windfarms mark the company’s first foray into UK offshore wind power generation. Once Morgan and Mona are operational, their combined capacity should be sufficient to supply clean energy for 3.4 million households in the UK – some three gigawatts in hard numbers.

The site lies about 19 miles offshore of North West England and North Wales and is known to present a challenging environment due to strong currents, so Fugro will rely on the Fugro Synergy and Normand Mermaid, its premium vessels, to perform the geotechnical investigations.

The Global Director of Geo-data Acquisition Marine Site Characterisation at Fugro, Dennis Koenen, said that with its leading-edge assets and expertise in house, the company is:

“Able to deliver high-quality insights as early as possible in the design process. With this Geo-data, bp and EnBW will be able to effectively guide the planning, design and installation of the Morgan and Mona windfarms—critical assets to achieving sustainability targets and delivering green electricity to the region.”

The new windfarms will support BP’s transition to being a broad-based energy business, while also helping to meet the UK Government’s target of radically increasing the country’s offshore wind power capacity by the end of this decade.

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