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Car driving style can force oil filter change

The recent news of a driver needing a full oil change and replacement filter installed after minimal use of his new vehicle may have surprised many.

The owner of the Vauxhall Cascada, which is recommended to use Mobil 1 synthetic oil, was alerted to a problem when the dashboard oil indicator lit up, which should never be ignored for risk of significant and, at times, catastrophic failure to a car’s engine and components.

With the car having travelled only 4,000 miles though, the owner was understandably surprised that an oil change was required, as well as the news that the filter would need replacing on such a new motor.

The kicker was that investigations by the dealer found that the owner’s driving style was at fault.

How can you avoid such problems?

With every motorist having their own unique way of driving, from how they pull away to how harshly they brake, all elements of a car are affected in very different ways.

However, the major way that driving style affects oil consumption is all to do with how high your RPM is.

By putting extra pressure on the gaskets and seals within the engine, oil consumption is increased while the burn rate is quicker under high revs. Therefore, learning to drive smoothly can have a significant effect on oil consumption for this reason.

Essential for the smooth operation of a car’s engine, oil protects and optimises how well it operates at all times.

The oil filter, in particular, is vital for ensuring that impurities do not reach the engine, where they can cause abrasion and corrosion.

Working together with premium lubricants, an oil filter optimises how efficiently the car’s power train utilises the lubricant.

It is for this reason that it is essential for regular oil checks to be made by motorists, as well as understanding how the way they use their car can affect when lubricant changes are needed.

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