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Castrol to neutralise CONEXPO visitors’ carbon emissions

Those attending CONEXPO, the biggest construction trade show in North America, will have the chance to offset their carbon dioxide emissions simply by visiting Castrol’s stand at the event.

On visiting the Castrol booth, participants’ carbon emissions will be worked out in seconds using the company’s carbon calculator. Castrol will then offset up to 6,000 tons of emissions for the whole event. Castrol’s parent company BP will be providing the offset through its BP Target Neutral programme, which invests in various carbon-reduction initiatives around the world. Examples include enabling magnesium producers to switch their cover gas from SF6, a potent greenhouse gas, to a more expensive but also environmentally friendlier gas mixture. This is especially significant given that magnesium is a key material for reducing the weight and increasing the efficiency of passenger vehicles, including all-electric cars.

While at the booth, visitors will also be able to learn more about Castrol’s range of heavy-duty products through interactive touchscreens. This includes Castrol VECTON, which is the world’s first commercial vehicle oil to be carbon neutral. Visitors’ will also be able to learn about how their operational costs, as well as the environment, can benefit from the long useable life of Castrol’s heavy-duty lubrication products.

A representative from Castrol will also co-host a session on the significance of having a programme to robustly manage fluids for heavy equipment to achieve lower costs, less waste, and greater equipment reliability and longevity. This will take place on Tuesday, March 10 at 9:30 am.

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