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Choosing the right hydraulic fluid

In the same way that it is vital you pick the best lubricants for plant machinery, it is important that you should choose the right oil for your hydraulics, if you want equipment to perform at its peak.

In order to determine which type is best for your equipment, you must take into account a number of factors, including the requirements of the machine, the cost of the fluid, and the properties it offers.

If you can choose your hydraulic oil keeping all of these things in mind, then not only will your equipment run as well as it possibly can, but it will also have a longer life and require fewer repairs overall.

Check the manufacturer’s information

The first thing you should do when looking to purchase hydraulic fluid is consult any materials put out by your machinery’s maker. Most manufacturers will provide details regarding the kinds of oils that are suitable, including details such as the required viscosity of the fluid and the correct grade to use. Although these recommendations are rarely set in stone, it is always a good idea to buy hydraulic oil that is as close a match to these specifications as possible.

Type of fluid

Once you have a sound idea of the hydraulic fluid properties your equipment requires, you can start to take a look at the additional factors that may have some bearing on the performance of your machinery.

For example, Esso Mobil produces hydraulic oil that has anti-wear properties. So, if your machinery is going to get a lot of use, this could be an ideal choice, as it will reduce wear and increase the life of your equipment. Meanwhile, Fuchs creates hydraulic fluid that uses mineral base oils to help prevent oxidisation, which improves how the machine ages.

Basically, determine the factors that are most important to you and find a brand of oil that best matches these needs. Luckily, looking online can help to make this easier.


Of course, we must all be mindful of the cost of hydraulic oil and this should be factored in to any decision to purchase fluids. However, it is important that one does not base a purchasing decision on price alone. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when buying hydraulic fluid and it can lead to bigger loses overall, due to poorly performing and maintained machinery. So, it is always best to check out the brand of oil and its suitability for your machinery before you make a purchase.

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