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Climate scientist joins ExxonMobil

Energy giant ExxonMobil, which manufactures Mobil Vactra 4 and Mobilux EP 2, has appointed esteemed climate scientist Susan Avery into a position on its board of directors.

The company, which is looking to improve its environmental legacy, has revealed that Avery will take up her position as a member of the board on Wednesday, February 1.

Lauding her impressive CV, a spokesperson for ExxonMobil noted that Avery had served in a diverse range of positions in her capacity as an atmospheric scientist, including a prominent position with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, where she served as an adviser.

The spokesperson said:

“Avery’s leadership experience in multiple academic and scientific organizations, coupled with her breadth of scientific and research expertise, reinforce the corporation’s long-standing technical and scientific foundation.”

Avery’s appointment comes at a time when U.S. climate change policies are in flux now that climate change skeptic Donald Trump has been inaugurated as President, and as the company is itself reassessing its thoughts on the phenomenon.

In the past, Avery stated her belief that whoever became President after Barack Obama would need to put climate change high up on their agenda, stating:

“What we need is a high-level, coordinated, national effort that elevates the mission of preparing to adapt to impending environmental changes.”

Although this seems unlikely in the wake of Trump’s appointment, there are signs that energy companies other than ExxonMobil, including Royal Dutch Shell and Total, are becoming more interested in green technologies, which will cut down on harmful emissions.

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