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Distributor reveals importance of greasing moving bearings

Delta Sales International, which distributes the GreaseMax single-point lubricator, has said that many operators overlook how important it is to apply grease to bearings while they are moving, rather than stationary.

The company says that grease input faces less resistance when inputted slowly under low pressure, such as with an automatic lubricator, enabling it to reach the moving bearing elements. Furthermore, it said:

“Grease added slowly and regularly will provide continuous purging of grease that has reached the end of its useful life. Thus, older grease is prevented from remaining in the bearing long enough to become depleted or contaminated, or worse, to harden, and become a lubrication maintenance problem.”

A high volume of a grease like Shell Gadus is often applied with a grease gun that is high pressure over a short period in the hope that the fresh grease will enter the bearing and push out the old grease. The company points out, however, that the older grease often tends to prevent new grease from entering the bearing, so the new grease may just pass out through the nearest seal, leaving the grease that is older on contact areas that most need lubrication.

In contrast, the company says that introducing grease regularly and slowly ensures that old grease is continuously purged, preventing it from degrading to a state that may cause performance issues. This then reflects in reduced downtime and greater productivity. What’s more, only a relatively small amount of grease is needed this way, helping operators to both reduce costs and contamination to the environment.

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