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Dry ice cleaning could be the future of oil and grease removal

A new cleaning technique makes it possible to remove oil, soot, dirt and grease buildup from machinery, industrial equipment and facilities.

According to a press release, the dry ice blasting solution, which is manufactured from reclaimed CO2, can be used to clean up residue left by important oil-based products like Fuchs WSP 783-L, as well as various types of dirt, without having to disassemble or cool equipment down first.

Not only that, but the cleaning solution made available by Khemsoft is non-corrosive, non-abrasive and non-conductive, and it does not produce any additional CO2, making it one of the greenest cleaning solutions that can be purchased for an industrial setting, and a boon to any companies who are looking to improve their image in terms of eco-friendliness.

Another benefit of the technique is that it requires no water, which again can help any company that uses it to improve their green credentials, while still keeping their equipment as clean as possible.

Owner of Khemsoft, Chad Jones, said:

“Khemsoft delivers high quality, eco-friendly, cutting edge technology for industrial maintenance clients while providing cost savings and efficiency improvements and simultaneously protecting the environment.”

Regular cleaning of facilities and equipment where grease is used is extremely important, as a buildup of grease oil and dirt can cause malfunctions, which will cut short the life of a number of products. The beauty of this cleaning solution is that production does not have to grind to a halt in order for it to be implements and machinery cleaned.

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