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Educational site launched by Shell Rotella

A new website has been created by the Rotella brand of Shell, with the aim of informing and educating people about upcoming developments in oils for diesel engines. deals with what Shell refers to as API Proposed Category 11 (PC-11) engine oils, concentrating on areas like an explanation of the basics of this in-development product, changes that are planned for it, the latest tests being carried out, and the modifications that can be expected when it takes over from the current API CJ-4 diesel engine lubricants in two years’ time.

Once it is launched, the lubricant will present a new challenge to high-quality diesel engine oils from rival manufacturers, such as the Q8 T750 15W/40, but it is constant innovation that has enabled Shell to remain at the forefront of the oil industry.

Shell Lubricants’ global marketing projects leader, Kate Faucher, stated that the company was committed to providing regular information to the industry to help guide attached businesses through the development of the PC-11 specification, before adding:

“The new Shell Rotella interactive PC-11 website will serve as a resource for fleets, owner/operators and anyone driving a diesel-powered pickup truck or operating equipment to learn more about PC-11 and how it will affect their business.”

Engine-technology changes, driven by a need to meet required CO2 emission reductions, are behind the development of this API PC-11 engine oil category. This is alongside the advances in both operating conditions and engine hardware, since the introduction of the last category of heavy-duty diesel engine lubricants a decade ago.

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