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Equinor, BP and Ithaca sign MoU for North Sea electrification

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Three producers of oil and gas in the North Sea have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore options for electrifying a number of fields off the coast of the West of Shetland.

Under the terms of the MoU, the three firms will focus on electrifying the Clair, Rosebank and Cambo fields, which are operated by deal signatories BP, Equinor and Ithaca, respectively. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions from production in the fields by using electricity generated from renewable energy. The options under consideration include using power from onshore windfarms or establishing offshore windfarms. Electrifying the fields will encounter some technical challenges because they occupy remote locations in deep water, and there may be further hurdles related to consent and regulation.

A spokesperson for the West of Shetland Electrification group, which represents stakeholders in the three fields, said:

“This initiative seeks to evaluate the technical, commercial, and regulatory challenges of various low-carbon power hub solutions to recommend a technically and commercially viable option that can meet the requirements of the three field owners within the respective project timeframes.”

The spokesperson added that production from the West of Shetland would provide a domestic source of oil and gas for meeting UK demand with reduced carbon emissions.

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