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Exxon Mobil introduces new Mobil DTE gas turbine oil

A fuels and lubricants producer has recently launched a new turbine oil, which has been specially formulated to enable increased power outputs in steam and gas turbines.

The new product, known as Mobil DTE 732 M, was showcased as part of the Exxon Mobil range at the recent Power-Gen Europe exhibition and conference.

The oil has undergone extensive tests in the laboratory, as well as in the field, and has been found to improve the performance and durability of turbines. This is due to its thermal stability and its abilities to reduce the formation of varnish, while improving the cleanliness of systems.

It meets the MHI, or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ specifications, for use in long life and high temperature turbine operations. The new product is recommended for single shaft, non-geared and multi shaft gas turbines, as well as single shaft, non-geared steam turbines.

Mobil DTE 732 M is the latest addition to the Mobil DTE product family, which constitutes a range of oils suitable for the lubrication of hydro and steam turbines, along with geared turbines and a variety of associated equipment. These versatile products include the anti-wear hydraulic oils Mobil DTE 24, Mobil DTE 25 and Mobil DTE 10 Excel 32, all of which have been designed to minimise the build-up of deposits while providing excellent protection against wear, thus extending the life of equipment.

As well as showcasing its new Mobil DTE 732 M product at Power-Gen Europe, Exxon Mobil also displayed Mobil SHC Pegasus, an oil that can lower fuel consumption in engines.

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