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ExxonMobil and Corvette Racing collaboration set to continue

The giant lubricant manufacturing company ExxonMobil recently revealed that it is to extend its existing partnership with the Corvette Racing team.

ExxonMobil has already been associated with the racing team for almost twenty years, with this marking the business’ 18th year of involvement with the sport. The Chevrolet company, which produces Corvette cars, is a global leader in vehicle manufacture.

While the Corvette racing team benefits from ExxonMobil’s oils, the partnership also enables the lubricant firm to evaluate and develop its products. Fully Synthetic oils from the Mobil 1 range have been Corvette Racing’s official lubricants for the past 17 years, while the popular brand has also been available to the public. This variety of products includes Mobil 1 New Life 0W/40 and Mobil 1 Racing 4T.

The engineering assistance and lubricant technology provided by ExxonMobil has proved very helpful for the team’s Chevrolet Corvette C7.Rs, which manager Jeff Chew stated has led to Corvette Racing winning more competitions. Working with the team, ExxonMobil engineers will continue to devise new lubricants that increase the cars’ performance and efficiency, while protecting them against wear.

As the racing team’s Chevrolet vehicles are being used in extremely tough and trying conditions, this makes it possible to test products in a way that would be difficult to replicate otherwise. This type of research and development enables ExxonMobil to ensure that its Mobil 1 range is able to protect engines and increase their performance in both ordinary and demanding situations.

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