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ExxonMobil announces new platform to help small businesses

ExxonMobil has launched its new Mobil Serv Lubrication Management, the first digital maintenance management platform of its kind. REDLIST, a provider of mobile technology for industrial processes, collaborated on the new service.

With the new platform, operators are empowered to efficiently coordinate, systematise, and optimise maintenance-related tasks. This includes helping in areas like planning a lubrication regime, managing predicted maintenance tasks, reporting for compliance and safety, and tracking performance.

The new service will enable smaller companies that cannot afford an expensive IT-based solution to move away from paper-based procedures towards one where all their maintenance-related data is collected and analysed digitally. They can then share their data with Mobil Serv engineers, who can offer recommendations through the platform in real time that may help achieve benefits like lower energy costs, enhanced equipment performance or decreased lubricant consumption.

Mobil Serv Lubrication Management also helps to enhance teamwork by allowing team leaders to easily coordinate and allocate maintenance tasks, such as renewing the grease on vital components or replacing spindle oil.

ExxonMobil’s brand and strategy advisor for Mobil Serv, Matt Dinslage, said despite the popularity of the Industry 4.0 revolution, new technologies, until now, had failed to focus on programmes for maintenance management. He added:

“By combining our understanding of lubrication and machine performance with REDLIST’s proven cloud-based, mobile-ready technology, we’re able to provide operators with a cost-effective solution that helps better manage and improve their maintenance programs, in turn helping them more easily turn insights into action and achieve their ambitions.”

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