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ExxonMobil announces Q4 dividends

American multinational oil and gas company ExxonMobil, which is responsible for such products as Mobil Delvac SGO 75W90, has declared its fourth quarter dividend.

Mobil’s board of directors revealed a cash dividend totalling 73¢ per share on the company’s Common Stock, which will be payable to shareholders at the end of the working day on Thursday, December 10.

This declared fourth quarter dividend is equal to the company’s dividend paid in Q3.

The corporation has used its dividends to share its prosperity with shareholders for more than a century now. It has also been able to increase its yearly dividend payment to its shareholders for the 33rd year in succession.

ExxonMobil is currently the 5th largest company by revenue in the world, and the third largest publically traded company by market capitalisation.

The oil giant has also reported third quarter earnings of $4.2bn, which works out at $1.01 per diluted share. This represents a decrease of $3.8bn from the same quarter in 2014.

However, the company still has a number of expansion plans in place, including the expansion of its Singapore lubricants plant, an increase in capacity at its Beaumont refinery in Texas that will see it produce 20,000 barrels more of crude oil per day, and a plan to use proprietary technology at its Rotterdam refinery to produce high-quality Group II base stocks, as well as ultra-low diesel. In the case of the latter, there has been more demand than ever for it in recent months.

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