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ExxonMobil creates lubes for Tata Motors

ExxonMobil, the maker of a number of highly regarding motor oil products such as Mobil 1 Racing 4T, has specially developed a new range of lubricants for use in Tata Motors’ commercial diesel vehicles, with the help of the company.

The brand new Mobil Delvac range of lubricants has been designed to provide optimum engine performance. The global gas corporation has achieved this by increasing wear protection, along with introducing higher viscosity and increased deposit control.

Speaking about the new range, Mobil’s Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, Joanne Eu, said:

“Mobil enjoys an established legacy as a product technology leader with the highest level of expertise, working side-by-side with leading OEMs around the world. This partnership with Tata Motors is an extension of that legacy.”

ExxonMobil’s Chief Executive Daniel Tan also commented on the corporations new partnership with Tata Motors, saying that the pairing was met the company’s vision of creating oils that meet the automotive design engineering standards of its international partners.

Tan also told reporters for The India Times that the new range of Tata and Mobil cobranded lubricants would be able to help Tata achieve an increased level of competition in the market by giving it an edge over other motor companies.

In a statement, the Global Head of Tata Motors, Sanjeev Garg expressed his happiness at the partnership between the companies, noting that the new range would enable his company to deliver customer services beyond its customers’ expectations from now on.

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