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ExxonMobil launches Mobilgard 540 AC

Energy and lubrication giant ExxonMobil has announced the release of Mobilgard 540 AC for its marine customers.

The new premium lubricant is a cylinder oil that has been designed to meet the requirements of contemporary engines by bringing a high level of cleanliness. Following extensive field tests, engine manufacturer MAN ES has now issued a No Objection Letter for the new lubricant, thus granting it Category II status for use in its two-stroke marine engines from Mark 9 upwards.

ExxonMobil’s Programme Manager for Global Marine Technology, Yannis Chatzakis, said the new product is:

“One of the first 40BN lubricants to be granted Category II status. As the latest addition to the MobilGard family of cylinder oils, it builds on the brand’s extensive heritage of innovation, performance and reliability, helping provide peace of mind to vessel operators in a wide variety of operating conditions.”

Mobil, which also makes industrial lubricants like spindle and slideway oil, applied a balance approach when formulating the new product to allow many operators to consolidate their lubricant supplies. Operators with compatible engines will now need just one Category II cylinder oil with a low base number (BN).

Furthermore, operators will also be able to enhance the reliability of their vessels’ engines by taking advantage of the Mobil Serv Cylinder Condition Monitoring programme, which uses scrape down oil analysis at sea to provide instant data about the condition of engines and lubricants.

The new cylinder oil is expected to be available at ports around the world later this year.

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