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ExxonMobil launches new mining industry lubricant

ExxonMobil has launched a new synthetic lubricant to meet the extreme needs of mining equipment. The company’s Mobil SHC Elite will reduce the need for oil drains, improve energy efficiency, and protect equipment even at extreme hot or cold operating temperatures.

ExxonMobil, whose lubricants can be sourced through Mobil distributors, said about this new lubricant:

“It can also help protect equipment operating at temperatures up to 150°C in intermittent service, meaning it is ideally suited for use in a range of mining equipment, such as in the gears and bearings of excavators, haul trucks, augers and conveyors.”

Among the benefits of this advanced lubricant is an extended oil drain interval, with thorough testing indicating that it has 12 times the life of mineral-based lubricants and double that of traditional synthetic lubricants. When compared to mineral oils, the company also claims a 3.6% enhancement in energy efficiency thanks to an enhanced torque ratio. Mobil SHC Elite also avoids the compatibility issues that are typical of glycol-based solutions in higher temperature uses while still resisting oxidisation and protecting from wear.

The new lubricant has been approved by the makers of gearboxes that often rely on suitable lubrication in order to operate sustainably under extreme conditions.

ExxonMobil’s industrial marketing manager, Emre Noyan, highlighted how mining operators could gain a competitive edge by using Mobil SHC Elite. He claimed that the better energy efficiency, longer drain interval, and broad operating temperature would help them to cut costs and decrease downtime.

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