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ExxonMobil lubricant R&D group marks centenary

The Equipment Builder Group, set up by ExxonMobil with the aim of improving the performance of machinery used in the food and drink industry, is celebrating a total of 100 years of innovation.

The Group works with equipment manufacturers all over the world to develop safer, more environmentally friendly and better functioning lubricants for use in food processing operations.

Since its establishment in 1914, the Group, which is made up of engineers and technical experts from a variety of backgrounds, has helped equipment manufacturers to optimise the design and performance of their machinery.

It has done so by becoming involved with manufacturers from the very first stages, when equipment is conceived, and continuing to collaborate through the design and construction phases. These important relationships, and the insights acquired from them, mean that the Equipment Builder Group can guide the production of lubricants to extract the best possible performance from machinery.

As a result of the Group’s work, exceptional lubricants have been developed, such as the Mobil SHC Cibus™ food-grade oils, which protect equipment even at high temperatures and increase energy efficiency, leading to cost savings for food and drink manufacturers.

Products such as Mobilgrease FM 222 have also proved successful, being used by companies in the food industry for lubricating machinery operating at a range of speeds and temperatures. Mobilgrease FM 222 should not be confused with the similarly named Mobilgrease XHP 222, which is a heavy duty grease used in the automotive, marine and construction industries.

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